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By now you’ve heard about iTivity Cloud, the new secure connectivity platform from iTivity. And you’ve probably asked, Why do I need it? Here are 10 good reasons to start investigating iTivity Cloud today.

  1. Your customers will expect your systems and devices to be secure.
    The world is waking up to the threats posed by unsecured systems. New regulations are being created worldwide that require system vendors to provide reasonable security for their systems and hold them accountable when they don’t.
  2. Data breaches are mounting at an alarming rate.
    In all sectors, from healthcare to retail to government, the number of data breaches reported in the first half of this year exceeds the number reported in all of 2016. Experts agree, 2017 will see more than double the number of data breaches than last year.  Causes for this pandemic are twofold. Hacking is becoming easier. The pervasiveness of hacker tools is allowing non-technical criminals to get in the action. Plus, the proliferation of unsecured connected devices is giving hackers more opportunities to attack the network.
  3. The iTivity you’ve trusted for secure access can now secure your systems and devices.
    You know iTivity as a secure remote access tool. With iTivity Cloud we’ve enhanced and extended the basic iTivity platform to make it security aware and security capable. iTivity Cloud can secure every connected endpoint you sell or manage.
  4. iTivity Cloud is the fastest, easiest way to achieve the level of security you need.
    iTivity Cloud provides numerous security-critical capabilities out-of-the-box. Capabilities like patch management, security monitoring, and device hardening can be deployed from your existing iServer with a simple activation key.
  5. iTivity Cloud can secure every device you deploy or manage.
    The iTivity iAgent already exists for every popular Windows and Linux distribution. With the iTivity Cloud software developers kit, the iAgent can be ported to just about anything, including printers, routers, IT appliances, and mobile devices.
  6. iTivity Cloud provides even more secure remote access.
    The iTivity Cloud offers better authentication with both two factor authentication (2FA) and  OAuth capabilities.
  7. Trading up to iTivity Cloud may not cost you a dime.
    For existing iTivity customers, the cost of subscribing to iTivity Cloud is about the same as the cost of your current iTivity annual maintenance. Plus, we’re offering free Managed Access for up to 500 devices, so using iTivity Cloud may not cost anything at all. You’ll get the added value of  iTivity Cloud with no out-of-pocket expense for your trade-up.
  8. iTivity Cloud can help you make better products.
    iTivity Cloud offers powerful performance monitoring and user behavior monitoring capabilities through integration with third-party analytics applications like Splunk.  Product managers and developers can glean invaluable insights into product usage to better plot the future enhancement of their products.
  9. iTivity Cloud can keep you compliant with current and emerging security regulations.
    iTivity Cloud is designed as a flexible platform with a robust set of developers. New security capabilities can be rapidly developed to keep up with the ever evolving threat landscape.
  10. iTivity Cloud can make your operation even more efficient.
    iTivity Cloud lets you script and automate the many support, maintenance and administration functions you perform every day.

Need more reasons. Talk to your iTivity representative today.