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Have questions about trading up from iTivity to iTivity Cloud? You’re not alone. Here are some of the questions we’ve been answering for our other great iTivity customers.

1. Do I have to reinstall iAgents? 
No. iTivity Cloud can connect with and utilize your current iAgent and provide all of the capabilities you already enjoy. Some advanced features and iTivity apps will require an update of the iAgent which can be easily distributed and installed using iTivity Cloud’s Auto Update app.

2. Can I keep my current iServer?
 Yes. iTivity Cloud is available as a customer-hosted solution as well as in the cloud. The choice is yours. Upgrading your current server to get the benefits of iTivity Cloud requires a simple update, just like any other iServer version update.

3. What happens to my current license? 
Your investment in your current license is protected. Your current license and maintenance agreement will be converted to an iTivity Cloud subscription. For most customers, the annual subscription cost of iTivity Cloud will be less than their current maintenance agreement.

4. How much does it cost? 
It may cost nothing to trade up to iTivity Cloud. You’ll get full credit for the remaining months in your maintenance agreement. It will be applied to your subscription in iTivity Cloud, so you’ll like have no immediate expense. Over time, you may find that your annual subscription fees are actually less than your current annual maintenance fees for iTivity.

5. How do I activate the new apps?
 Adding apps is easy. Whether you want to add security monitoring, patch management, 2FA or OAuth capabilities, or any of the other great apps for iTivity Cloud, simple call iTivity, and we’ll send you an activation key to turn them on.

6. What if I don’t have developers to put on new iTivity enhancements? 
We can do it for you. Our team of experts know iTivity inside and out. They can develop new apps, enhance functionality, and integrate systems quickly and cost efficiently. And they’ll work with your people from design through deployment and testing to make sure your customers get what they need without interruption.

7. Do I have to upgrade? 
No, at least not for awhile. iTivity will continue to be supported as always, but it won’t be enhanced. In the future you might upgrade your iServer’s operating system to a version that no longer works properly. At that point the solution will be to trade up to iTivity Cloud. Remember, you can host iTivity Cloud in your own private cloud or data center.

8. What if I don’t want all of iTivity Cloud’s new features? 
iTivity Cloud apps and features are available al la cart, so you can subscribe to only what you need.

9. How can I learn more? Simply visit itivity.net, or call iTivity Corp to speak with an expert.

10. When will iTivity Cloud be available? 
iTivity Cloud is available now. Simply call your iTivity representative, and we’ll get you started.