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Splunk Security & Device


Integrate iTivity with Splunk to collect, analyze and act on the big data generated by your devices. Improve your competitive position and your operations with insights into device operations, user behavior and security threats.


The combination of iTivity and Splunk makes it easy to analyze and act upon the untapped value of the big data generated by your technology infrastructure, security systems and business applications. iTivity solves the challenges retrieving data from devices locked behind customer firewalls and storing that data in a central repository. Splunk indexes, and correlates this real-time data and provides the tools for analysis,  alerts, dashboards, and visualizations. With both enterprise and cloud additions available, plus over 200 third-party applications, Splunk and the iTivity can truly transform your business.

Security Event Analytics


Once hackers have your products in their sights, they’ll exploit them wherever they are. Using iTivity and Splunk together, vendors can create a single, secure network comprising every device and stay ahead of security breaches by detecting threats across customer sites, quickly identifying attacks and stopping malicious activities before your customers are effected.


Device Performance Analytics


Predict and prevent problems before they affect the customer experience. Data is the key. Use Splunk with iTivity to deliver historical analysis, real-time insights and predictive analytics powered by machine learning.



Product Usage Analytics


Build a better product by understanding which features are adopted and which are ignored. With iTivity and Splunk you can collect, analyze, present, and visualize data on device usage to understand the adoption of specific features, user engagement, M2M interactions, and more.



What You Need

iTivity Security Monitoring

Install iTivity and activate iTivity Security Monitoring. The iTivity Security Monitoring app lets you define parameters for device activity to be logged by the iTivity hyperserver.

iTivity Agent

Install the iTivity agent on your device using the iTivity Software Deployment app or your own solution. The iTivity agent connects and authenticates your device to you iTivity hyperserver.

iTivity Splunk API

Download the pre-programmed iTivity Splunk API. Select the data elements you want to map from iTivity to the Splunk repository, or simply select all.


Create an account in the Splunk Cloud, and select the appropriate Splunk app for security event analysis, IT service intelligence, or usage analytics.

“iTivity gives us total control over device operations in the field. It’s a big part of how we’ve maintained the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry.”

Daniel Wixon

VP Customer Success, Unitrends

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