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Application Tunneling


Connect devices to any application using the iTivity encrypted application tunnel.


Managing tunnels to devices on networks you don’t control is hard. Changes to device configurations or network settings can bring down tunnels without your even knowing about it. iTivity eliminates these challenges by creating a persistent, super network that connects all of your devices, hosted applications, users and administrators. All data is encrypted, and all access is authenticated against your existing authentication systems. iTivity frees you from the challenges of disparate networks so you can focus on the value provided by devices and data.

Secure Remote Access


iTivity makes using the utilities you use every day safer and easier. iTivity comes preconfigured to run SSH, RDP, FTP, HTTP and Telnet through an always-up, encrypted tunnel. The iTivity lets you easily manage privileges, credentials and activity logging for your staff, customers and even other vendors.


Back-end Applications


iTivity makes it easy to connect customer devices to applications on remote servers and in the cloud. Simply connect your devices and servers to the iTivity, and both client and server appear to be local.


Data Transfer


iTivity simplifies the transfer of large data files from devices on customer sites to repositories in the cloud. Imaging systems, back-up appliances and other data collection devices hidden behind firewalls can be set to push data through the iTivity Secure Application Tunnel without modification to the device or network settings.


What You Need

iTivity Hyperserver

Setup the iTivity hyperserver in your data center. iTivity seamlessly negotiates customer firewalls and verifies privileges to applications and databases.

iTivity Agent

Install the standard iTivity agent on your device using the iTivity Software Deployment app or your own solution. Your iTivity agent comes pre-configured to automatically connect and authenticate to your iTivity hyperserver.

iTivity Console

Login to iTivity and launch the iTivity console. The console lets you configure iTivity agent functions for connecting to applications and databases and add scripting for conditional actions.

Application Server

Add your devices as users to your backend applications and databases, and you’re done. iTivity agents on your devices at customer sites will be seen as local users by your server applications and databases.

“iTivity gives us total control over device operations in the field. It’s a big part of how we’ve maintained the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry.”

Daniel Wixon

VP Customer Success, Unitrends

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