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iTivity has protected 
major medical system vendors in leading hospitals from data breaches for over 10 years.

IT Appliances and Hardware

iTivity is an OEM component for a wide range of IT devices, including storage appliances, networking hardware, imaging systems, telephony equipment and more.

Internet of Things

iTivity’s low system resource and network utilization make it ideal for securing individual IoT devices in massive deployments.

Vendor-Managed Systems

iTivity protects the systems that run our infrastructure from both external and insiders threats.

Medical Devices and HIT

The average hospital has more than 3,000 vendor systems on its network, any one of which can be hijacked to gain access to the hospital network. Once on the network, hackers can easily pivot to ransom patient health information and worse.

iTivity is used by leading HIT vendors to secure and manage systems ranging from medical devices and imaging systems to OR automation systems. iTivity can be easily deployed on systems behind hospital firewalls to lock these systems down while providing secure access to authorized users including both vendors and hospital IT staff.

IT Appliances and Hardware

Just because your IT hardware is behind a customer firewall doesn’t mean it’s protected. Wi-Fi and even local area networks (LANs) can provide hackers with an attack vector through your device to other assets on the network. And any device that relies on virtual private networks (VPNs), SSH or other peer-to-peer (P2P) remote access methods represents a real threat to networks, as they circumvent intrusion prevention and other security measures.

iTivity secures vendor-managed hardware from attacks both inside and outside the network. iTivity routes all access through a central system that you control. And iTivity can be easily integrated with your customer’s security systems. Today iTivity is used by trusted manufacturers and resellers of numerous IT appliances, including backup appliances, security appliances and unified communication systems because they know they can trust iTivity.

Internet of Things

Today’s IoT devices are sophisticated systems that you can’t just “ship and forget.” To keep your customers happy and run your operations efficiently, you need automated methods to provision, configure, monitor and update these devices in the field over their lifespan.

Moreover, IoT devices are increasingly being used by hackers as an attack vector to breach customer networks. The pressure to rush innovative, low-cost solutions to market has made security design and testing little more than an after-thought.

iTivity helps IoT vendors keep their customers secure while running  their own operations more efficiently. iTivity hardens IoT devices against attack while connecting them to form a secure, manageable network.

Vendor-Managed Systems

From agriculture to infrastructure, transportation to telephony, specialty systems engineered on Linux and Windows platforms underpin every industry. They often don’t look like computers, but they are just as vulnerable to direct attacks, malware exploits, and insider attacks as any desktop or server. Moreover, many of these systems were designed before concerns of cybercrime, and remediating them can be very difficult.

iTivity hardens vulnerabilities, monitors usage and controls user access.  iTivity protects engineered systems from outside hackers and rogue admins alike.

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