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iTivity Corporation today announced the release of iTivity SCP, the first Secure Connectivity Platform as a Service designed to allow vendors of IoT and connected devices to add new security, management, and communication capabilities for their products with minimal development effort and expense.

The iTivity Secure Connectivity Platform solves many of the security and operational problems plaguing OEMs and vendors of connected devices while providing the potential for significant competitive advantage. Just a few examples of what developers can do with iTivity include:

  • Secure and manage connected devices, including managing credentials, controlling access, managing patches and software updates. and monitoring devices for suspicious activity.
  • Monitor device performance, including processor and memory utilization, storage, and application usage.
  • Big data collection and analytics, including data retrieval, cloud storage and integration with third-party applications.

iTivity lets vendors eliminate security threats to customer networks, manage products more effectively, and gain valuable insights into device usage for future product development.

What distinguishes the iTivity SCP from other solutions is its design. iTivity is a secure platform for connecting devices to administrators, back-end databases, and systems. iTivity comes ready to run a catalog of pre-built security and management apps, plus iTivity provides several developer tool sets for rapidly creating new functionality.

iTivity SCP works by establishing and maintaining an encrypted connection with devices located behind customer firewalls. This connection allows OEMs and vendors to create a secure virtual network comprising every customer device across locations. iTivity’s intelligent device agent allows those devices to be manipulated at a deep level. iTivity provides out-of-the-box apps for common functions like system and security monitoring, patch management, and remote access, while the iTivity developers tool set allows developers to create entirely new device functionality and integrate devices with third-party applications and back-end databases.

iTivity SCP is a Platform-as-a-Service for secure connectivity. It is sold as a subscription on a per-device basis and can be accessed from the iTivity Cloud or the OEM’s own data center.

iTivity SCP is replacing the well-established iTivity remote access product. iTivity is providing special pricing to existing iTivity customers for a limited time.

For questions or inquiries, please contact iTivity at +1-770-428-5000.