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SSH Key Management SNAFU Opens Hosting Customers To Attack

Web hosting provider Linode jeopardized the security of its customers' virtual machines, potentially allowing attackers to hijack the SSH connections initiated by customer system administrators, according to IT watchdog site, The Register. Linode promotes “High...

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SSH Backdoor in Fortinet Hardware Compromises Customers

Exactly 30 days after the announcement that Juniper Networks had jeopardized customer security by shipping products with a hard-coded SSH password, security appliance manufacturer Fortinet has announced that many of their products contain a similar hard-coded backdoor...

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6 Year-Old OpenSSH Exploit Discovered

Security firm Qualys has identified a zero-day vulnerability in OpenSSH clients that could allow a malicious server to steal private user keys, according to an eWeek article. The vulnerability is present in all OpenSSH client versions released since March 7, 2010...

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