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iTivity is the fastest, easiest way to secure vendor systems. Founded in 1987, iTivity has been deployed by over 3,300 IT organizations to secure more than 300,000 systems worldwide.

iTivity is used by both systems vendors and corporate IT departments to secure and manage systems on remote networks and in the cloud.They use iTivity to secure a wide range of systems ranging from small-footprint IoT devices and network appliances to complex medical imaging systems and cloud servers.

IT professionals choose iTivity because it protects their systems against real-world vulnerabilities that other solutions can’t — like poorly managed firewalls, weak passwords and stolen keys, even bugs in product code. As important, deploying iTivity doesn’t require any security expertise. Install it, and it goes to work. Once up, iTivity protects from both insider threats and outside attacks.

iTivity is serious security simplified. To learn more, contact iTivity today.

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SSH Backdoor in Fortinet Hardware Compromises Customers

Exactly 30 days after the announcement that Juniper Networks had jeopardized customer security by shipping products with a hard-coded SSH password, security appliance manufacturer Fortinet has announced that many of their products contain a similar hard-coded backdoor...

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6 Year-Old OpenSSH Exploit Discovered

Security firm Qualys has identified a zero-day vulnerability in OpenSSH clients that could allow a malicious server to steal private user keys, according to an eWeek article. The vulnerability is present in all OpenSSH client versions released since March 7, 2010...

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