80% of IT breaches are caused by vendors.

Prevent hackers from using your products as an attack vector into your customer’s network.

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There is no secure way to deploy SSH.

Learn how using SSH to access remote systems exposes customers to data theft.

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iTivity Linux Remote Support

Create a secure, centrally-managed environment for privileged access to the systems you support.

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A Fully-Secured Environment for Remote Linux Products

Linux ISVs and device manufacturers often have little control over customer networks. Gaining access to systems and devices can be hard. Securing them can be even harder.

Your Linux Remote Support solution must do more than establish a secure connection. It must secure your products against threats both inside and outside the customer network. iTivity provides managed access and critical security capabilities to Linux systems and devices that lie exposed on customer networks. With iTivity, access is simple, and security is assured.

The Secure Environment for Remote Linux Systems

Secure Connectivity

iTivity eliminates the risks of having Firewall and SSH server ports open and waiting for inbound connections. As a software appliance running on your equipment, data in transit never leaves your control.

Privileged Access Management

No more lost, stolen or abandoned keys to worry about. All credentials and privileges are safely and easily managed from a central location.


Regulatory Compliance

iTivity simplifies the consistent enforcement of regulatory guidelines, from managing credentials and privileges, tracking and logging activity, to monitoring the exfiltration of data.

Industry Proven

iTivity has been running on tens of thousands of Linux devices and servers for over 15 years, making iTivity the industry leader in secure Linux Remote Support.

Designed for Linux OEMs

iTivity can be deeply integrated into your Linux products and support applications to provide new levels or functionality, automation and efficiency.

Affordable Pricing

A simple, affordable pricing model means you can put iTivity on every system you deploy at no cost. Perfect for Linux ISVs and OEMs with large installed bases.

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Healthcare Suffers 39 Percent of All Data Breaches

More successful data breaches occur in healthcare than any other industry, according Symantec’s “2016 Internet Security Threat Report” published this month. The healthcare industry suffered 120 data breaches in 2015 while government, which ranked second, suffered only...

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Cost of Data Breaches Rising Globally

The average total cost to a company that suffers a data breach has risen to $3.79 million per instance — up 23 percent over last year — according to the latest study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute. Lost business resulting from reputation damage was cited as the most...

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