iTivity™ Deployment Guide

Table of Contents


1 Deploying the iServer

1.1  System Requirements and Recommendations

1.2  Network Setup

1.3  Advanced Authentication Using Permission Groups and Support Domains

2 Deploying iTivity Agents

2.1 System Requirements and Recommendations

2.2 Installing the Agent Software

2.3 Controlling Agent Service Access Permissions

2.4 Deploying the iServer Public Key (Certificate)

2.5 Controlling Input Dialogs (Windows Only)

3 Deploying the iTivity iManager

3.1   System Requirements and Recommendations

3.2   Installing the iManager

3.3   Optimizing the iManager Display in Large Deployments

4 Automatic Update, Remote Execution and File Transfer

4.1   Introduction and Overview

4.2   iAgent Selection

4.3   Automatic File Transfer

4.4   Automatic Remote Program Execution

4.5   Automatic Update

5 Troubleshooting

5.1   Using the iServer Log Files

5.2   Common Issues for Large Deployments

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