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Thank you for choosing iTivityÔ, a powerful Internet-based solution for system administration and remote support.

At Tridia, our mission is to always exceed our customers’ expectations by providing the absolute best software products backed by outstanding technical support and customer service. We take this mission very seriously and invite you to send your comments, compliments, or complaints to

What is iTivity?

iTivity is a software product that allows system administrators to deploy remote administration tools either within an intranet or safely across firewalls over the Internet. Deployment is simple, with one-click installation from an e-mail or web page.

For a complete description of iTivity and its software components, see the Welcome to iTivity section of the iTivity User Guide.

About the iTivity User Guide

The iTivity User Guide contains complete product documentation, including installation and operating instructions and detailed information on configuration settings. This guide is available in PDF and HTML formats on the Tridia website.

About This Deployment Guide

This Deployment Guide is intended for technical staff who will plan, install and configure the iTivity system. The guide includes system requirements, configuration recommendations and troubleshooting tips.

While some of this information applies to any iTivity implementation, the focus of this guide is on large, enterprise-scale deployments.

The Release Notes

The “Readme” file containing the Release Notes for this version is located under C:\Program Files\iTivity\README.txt. (on Windows computers). These Release Notes are very important, since they contain specific information concerning the current release of this software.

The information contained in the Release Notes is typically not found in the iTivity User Guide or Deployment Guide. In many cases, the Release Notes information supersedes the information in the User Guide. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you read the Release Notes completely before installing or using iTivity.

iTivity Product Support

If you have a question or problem with the ITivity product, we encourage you to first review the User Guide, online help, and the Web site for your solution.

If you still cannot find an answer, please contact Tridia directly for product support.

s         Web site:

s         Telephone:  +1-770-428-5000


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