iTivity SSH Manager

Automated Tunnel Management and Access Management for Teams

Designed to Scale

iTivity SSH Manager is a tunnel management and access management solution that is easy to deploy, effortless to maintain, and infinitely scalable.  iTivity works by automatically connecting all of your devices — on any network — to a central management server to form a fully-encrypted hypernetwork.  

A single sign-on to iTivity gives you access to every device on the hypernetwork through a single pane of glass. iTivity dramatically simplifies provisioning, DevOps, and administration. iTivity makes devices and data more secure. And it lets you scale devices and users infinitely. 

Create a Hypernetwork

Automated Tunneling

Any system, any cloud,  any network, behind any firewall.  Auto-connect eliminates the need to manually establish tunnels.  Reverse SSL tunnels let you close any  open in-bound ports or backdoors that can be exploited by bad actors. The encrypted hypernetwork lets you run every application securely.

Automated Access

No need to  track down host names or IP addresses to  access a device. Just login to iTivity  and you’re in. iTivity leverages Active Directory and other directory services to determine who has privileges to  access each device.  


Remote systems seek your hyperserver on startup and automatically connect to your hypernetwork.

Compliance Management

Session recording and logging can be integrated with Splunk, Fortinet, Tripwire and other SEIM systems for compliance and forensic analysis.

Any SSH Client

Use your favorite client, including PuTTY, OpenSSH, KiTTY, Solarwinds SolarPuTTY and more.

Unlimited License

Perpetual free license lets you add an unlimited number of systems and users to your hypernetwork.

Active Directory Integration

Easily assign and unassign privileges based on roles or groups to domains of remote systems.

Unlimited Scale

Hyperservers can be clustered for failover and support of truly massive deployments.

Secure Cloud Access

See how iTivity makes  DevOps and Cloud Admin simpler, safer, and faster than any other SSH solution.

iTivity Pricing

There is an iTivity Edition for every need.

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