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For over 10 years iTivity has been used by 
major medical system vendors in leading hospitals without a single data breach.

Internet of Things

iTivity’s small footprint and low resource requirements make it ideal for securing individual IoT devices and massive deployments.

IT Appliances and Hardware

iTivity is an OEM component inside a wide range of devices, including storage appliances, networking hardware, imaging systems, telephony equipment and more.

Cloud Servers and VM Instances

iTivity mitigates the risks of co-locating and shared administration by providing a virtual air gap around cloud servers and instances.

Medical Devices and HIT

The average hospital has more than 3,000 vendor systems on its network, any one of which can be hijacked to gain access to the hospital network. Once on the network, hackers can easily pivot to ransom or exfil patient health information.

iTivity can be easily deployed by vendors or hospital IT staff lock these systems down while providing secure access to authorized users.

IT Appliances and Hardware

The typical corporate network today may include hundreds of systems delivered and supported by third-party vendors. To corporate IT security, many of these systems represent black boxes whose real security risk is unknowable.

iTivity mitigates the risk posed by vendor systems on the corporate network while providing the vendor a secure way to access and support its products.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things holds more promise — and more security risks — than any other information technology category. The pressure to rush innovative, low-cost solutions to market has made security design and testing little more than an after-thought.

iTivity is an excellent security retro-fit for IoT devices. Lightweight iTivity agents can mitigate even serious IoT design flaws, while the iTivity Virtual Secure Network can securely connect IoT devices to other systems and transport data securely.

Cloud Security

Cloud adoption continues to lag expectations, and now as always, the primary reason is concern for security. With good reason. Securing servers and VM instances in co-located and shared environments creates new and more complex challenges.

The key is isolation — of storage systems, networks, and virtual machines. iTivity can surround cloud environments with a virtual air gap and connect them to corporate networks with a software-defined, Virtual Secure Network. The result is an environment protected from outside hackers and rogue admins alike.