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Keep the bad guys out.
Let the good guys in.

Securing cloud servers and facilitating access are no longer at odds.

iTivity Changes the entire concept of cloud server access

Moving to servers in the cloud creates new challenges and vulnerabilities. New server instances are spun up and treated like individual outposts rather than the network’s new security perimeter.

Deploying dozens or hundreds, of server instances in this way creates complexity, variation and vulnerabilities. SSH keys are created — or copied from server images whose keys have expired — and managed using ad hoc processes. Because each instance stands alone, finding and successfully accessing the right instance becomes difficult for team members. Exploiting these instances with well worn tactics becomes too easy.

iTivity is a secure access platform that integrates cloud instances into your corporate infrastructure. iTivity gives your team a single place to view and access every instance in every location. iTivity gives management centralized control over all key certificates, user credentials and user activity.

Centrally Managed Security and Compliance

With iTivity, everything is centralized, so everything is more manageable and secure.

  • Moves the management of security keys and user credentials to a central location.
  • Integrates with existing authentication systems including PAM, LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Once the user authenticate to iTivity, the platform handles authentication to every server instance automatically.
  • Every action monitored and centrally logged, including files read and transferred, ready for integration with security and audit systems.

Support from Any Device

iTivity supports Linux pros on the go, from any device to any server instance.

  • Work through iTivity’s desktop client, mobile app or browser interface.
  • Access Windows as well as Linux servers
  • Use your favorites utilities securely, including SSH, BASH, RDP and VNC
  • Access current SSH or Telnet sessions
  • Start a process on one device, continue it on another

Efficient, Easy Access

With iTivity, everything is easier. iTivity gives you one place to find every instance and a one consistent method to access them all.

  • Label and group every server instance in ever cloud into one logical map.
  • Login into iTivity and it takes care of authenticating user access to every server.
  • Move seamlessly between private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.
  • No more hunting for server IP addresses or login credentials.

Easy to Afford, Easy to Scale

iTivity is a SaaS platform, so getting started is easy and scaling is too.

  • No expensive appliances to buy, integrate and configure as you add users and servers.
  • Integrates easily with your existing environment and support applications
  • No upgrades to buy or patches to manage.
  • No backups or activity logs to store and manage for compliance.
  • Free to individual Linux pros and affordable to extend to IT teams and organizations.

Solve your cloud access challenges today.