iTivity makes supporting remote servers with DoubleVision Pro faster, safer, and easier.

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Why Use DoubleVision with iTivity?

Faster Access

iTivity gives you one screen where they can see every server running on every customer network — all at once.

More Secure

iTivity eliminates the risks of having Firewall and SSH server ports open and waiting for inbound connections.

Work from Anywhere

iTivity’s browser access lets you work from any device — tablet, phone, or PC.

Faster Administration

iTivity lets manage any number servers — all at once. Push mass updates or pull down data files in seconds.

Security Monitoring

iTivity monitors and logs all login attempts, file transfers and other user activity down to individual keystrokes on every remote server.

Simplified Environment

Access Linux, UNIX and Windows servers, desktops and devices all from one screen using the same license.
SSH Exploits white paper

If you are using SSH to access DoubleVision, you are putting customers at risk.

Remote access is the #2 means of breaching corporate databases, according to a recent report by PwC and the U.S. Secret Service. In Linux environments, the attack vector most often goes through the SSH daemon. Find out how hackers do it — and how iTivity protects you  — in this white paper written specifically for Linux solution providers.

Low Cost Protection

iTivity adds an invaluable layer of security to DoubleVision, yet costs just a fraction of the original DoubleVision purchase price — as little as $50 per remote system.*

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  • DoubleVision Pro 100% 100%
  • iTivity 11% 11%

iTivity is the only Secure Environment for Remote Linux Systems

Gaining access to systems and devices over the internet can be hard. Securing them can be even harder. Your Linux Remote Support solution must do more than establish a secure connection. It must secure your products against threats both inside and outside the remote network.