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DoubleVision Pro by iTivity lets you take control of any console, SSH, telnet or terminal session and solve problems — from anywhere!

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A Better Way to Work


Back Users Out Cleanly

See all the users logged into the server. Select the user you need to log off, and exit them out of the application. No processes to kill and no corrupted databases.

Monitor Long Running Processes

Start a process and monitor it from anywhere. Take control of the of the session and manage the process. No hanging around the office waiting for processes to finish.



End Run-Away Processes Remotely

Easily find processes that have become disconnected from their users, and end them safely, without corrupting databases or shutting down applications.

Control User SSH Sessions

Control another user’s session and enter commands on their behalf. Work privately by locking their keyboard and blanking their screen. No more talking remote users through fixes.


About Us

ITivity has been developing remote access and support solutions since 1990. Today DoubleVision by iTivity is used to support thousands of Linux and UNIX systems around the world.

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