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Introducing the first Security Platform as a Service

Add security and management capabilities to any device with minimal development effort

iTivty enables developers to infuse new products in development and existing products in the field with sophisticated security and management capabilities. As the first Security Platform as a Service, iTivity offers minimal development effort, lower implementation and maintenance costs, and pay-as-you-scale pricing.

Secure Connectivity Platform

The iTivity Secure Connectivity Platform connects the widest variety of devices to form a secure, encrypted network.

Specialized iAgents

iTivity iAgents deliver out-of-the-box security and management capabilities directly to your devices.

Developer Tools

iTivity SCP APIs and the iAgent SDK provide a fast-path to deploying custom capabilities that differentiate your products and optimize your operations.

Choose the capabilities you need.

iTivity iAgents and server-side iTivity SCP capabilities can be purchased one-at-a-time, allowing you to create a product roadmap that supports your customers’ needs and delivers new profitability to your organization.

Device Hardening

Instantly reduce the attack surface of every device by implementing user-definable configuration changes. Remove non-essential services (such as telnet, Rlogin, and FTP), close inbound ports, disable local accounts and more.Call for volume pricing >>

Managed Access

Replace peer-to-peer SSH, RDP and SFTP with server-based access that’s easy to manage. Let users access groups of devices with a single sign-on. Manage privileges centrally through Active Directory or other privilege-management solutions. Call for volume pricing>>

Security Monitoring

Make your devices security-aware. Monitor for suspicious activity, including direct login attempts to local services, login attempts outside prescribed hours, direct file transfers and other activity inside and outside the iTivity connection. Call for volume pricing>>

Automatic Updates

Ensure your products stay ahead of security risks and software defects while delivering your newest software enhancements. Update and patch any operating system or application. Call for volume pricing>>

2 Factor Authentication

Add that extra authentication layer instantly. iTivity 2FA uses SMS and one-time, dynamic PIN generation to authenticate users during the single sign-on process. Call for volume pricing>>


Authorize users of third-party and custom applications to access devices through the iTivity Secure Connectivity Platform. OAuth 2.0 implementation works with web applications, desktop applications, mobile phones, and other devices.Call for volume pricing>>

System Monitoring

Poll and track system data to better understand device performance, the operating environment and user behaviors. Easily track system resources (such as CPU usage available RAM and storage) as well as component status, including operating temperature, power supply voltage and other aspects critical to your device‚Äôs operation. Call for volume pricing>>

Custom Functionality

iTivity APIs let you easily implement custom functions to devices from 3rd-party applications while the iAgent SDK gives you the power to create entirely new device-level capabilities. Call for volume pricing>>

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