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Patch Management &
Automatic Updates

Update system software, applications, and data on every device automatically.


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iTivity Patch Management & Automatic Updates is powerful tool designed for OEM device developers and administrators. iTivity solves the problem of patching and updating systems that are located on networks you don’t manage or control by delivering patches and updates over the iTivity Secure Connectivity Platform. iTivity’s XML-based meta data repository lets you use your favorite scripting language to scan the entirety of your devices and deploy patches and updates based on virtually any criteria. You’ve never been better armed to keep ahead of security risks and software defects while delivering your newest software enhancements.

Modernize Devices

Update system software, applications, and data on every device automatically. Distribute new applications that automatically execute. iTivity makes it easy to modernize devices in the field.

Security and Software Updates

Close the door on known vulnerabilities. Distribute and execute updates to operating systems, systems software, and applications easily and efficiently and maintain the integrity of your devices.

What You Need

Standard iAgent

Install the standard iTivity iAgent on your device using the iTivity Automatic Updates or your own solution. The iAgent automatically connects and authenticates to the iTivity Secure Connectivity Platform.

iTivity SCP

Create an account in the iTivity Secure Connectivity Platform Cloud, or setup iTivity SCP in your data center. iTivity SCP seamlessly negotiates customer firewalls, receives the connection request from the pre-configured iAgent, and authenticates the device.

iTivity Automatic Updates

Subscribe to the iTivity Automatic Updates app, and login. Select the devices you want to update, and select the software to be from your software repository. Use the powerful iTivity scripting language to control device behavior upon install.

Software Repository

Direct the iTivity Automatic Updates app to the location(s) of your system and application software updates. iTivity will retrieve the selected files, push them to your devices and execute any scripts controlling their behavior.

“In the hospital industry, security is paramount, so software updates are critical. iTivity gives us one way to update every system in every hospital. It’s simplified the whole process.”

Tedrick Wright

Connectivity Solutions Manager, Stryker

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