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iTivity is the fastest, easiest way to secure connected devices.

Connected devices are like holes in your network. Hard to evaluate, harder to remediate, many connected devices are soft targets for hackers looking to access your network. With iTivity, you’re covered.

iTivity secures the most unsecure devices.

It’s impossible to know how secure connected devices really are. A default password, a misconfigured service, a forgotten software patch, or a single source code bug is all the professional hacker needs to crack a connected device and create a beachhead on the network.

With iTivity, connected devices are protected. iTivity secures the device’s available attack surfaces and monitors all relevant device activity. iTivity provides connected devices with a previously unavailable level of defense against attackers and malware — instantly.

The iTivity Secure Connectivity Platform

Device Security

iTivity eliminates the risk of having communication and server ports open and waiting for inbound connections. iTivity effectively closes all unnecessary ports a hacker could exploit.

Secure Connectivity

iTivity allows users and applications to connect to devices through an encrypted Secure Applications Tunnel called the iSAT. The iSAT facilitates bi-directional communication while leaving inbound ports closed.

Device Monitoring

iTivity closely monitors devices for potentially suspicious activity, including device scanning, login attempts, and file transfers. When installed as any agent, iTivity can further monitor system settings, resource utilization and other functions.

Managed Access

By integrating with Active Directory, iTivity lets organizations manage user access to all devices from one central location. Define privileges, manage credentials, authenticate users, and track access for IT admins and vendors alike.

SEIM Integration

All data collected by iTivity’s device monitoring is stored in a single log file on the iTivity server and easily integrated with Splunk or other systems to dramatically improve threat intelligence.

Simplified Deployment

iTivity can be deployed on devices as software agent or on a plug-and-play proxy device called an iBlock. Both solutions connect automatically to the iTivity Server to start work immediately.

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